Environmentally friendly, comfortable and safe for children! Kreafeuer's Effect Fires are real eye-catchers. Placed in a lounge, spa or living room, whether in the center of the room or near the wall, the Effect Fire models offer you and your guests a pleasant atmosphere and ensure complete joy watching the flames. The modern technology, the elegant styling and the unprecedent level of comfort ensure that they can be easily integrated into any room environment.

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  • Continuous flames 1800 mm
  • 4 x Effect burner KF44
  • Operable from above with 1 x service cover
  • Powder-coated steel
  • 1 x front glass (ESG) with bracket (W: 1960 x H: 130 mm)
  • 24 x spot à 35 W + 4 x fan à 10 W
  • Position of the control element with sensor in the device
  • Electric Power: 230V

Additional Accessories (Bought Separately):

  • Additional front glass (ESG) with bracket to KF2000TU, W: 1960 x H: 130mm
  • Ventilation grille to KF2000TU, W: 1800 x H: 38 x D: 134mm
  • Mounting base to KF2000TU height-adjustable
Outer Dimensions
W: 2040 x H: 200 x D: 320 mm
Burner Insert