The F- Series pizza ovens are the newest addition to our line of products. F3 is a Large size of a pizza oven. It is a gas & wood operated and fits Four large pizza or Six small ones. F3 has three burners which are located right, left & under the oven floor. The right & left burners have automatic ignition while the middle burner is manual. Oven floor of F3 is stone. F3 comes with a wood basket that is placed in the back side of the oven and can be used along with the gas. F3 comes with built-in steel base on wheels.

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  • Fits Four large Pizza or six small ones
  • Very easy to operate
  • Has a stone floor
  • Gas & wood
  • For Outdoor use
For Outdoor Use
Gas & Wood
Oven Floor
Thermal Stone
Outer Size
W75cm x H47+55.5cm+76cm x D61.5cm
Inner Size
W60cm x D61cm