Galio is a linear gas fireplace burner intended for outdoor use. Galio Insert comes in a manual or automatic version. The automatic model allows you to control the fireplace with the remote control, while the manual model is simplified to be controlled with one knob. The insert is made of high-quality stainless steel what guarantees durability and long-term usability. By choosing Galio Insert, you get the freedom of arrangement and adaptable design.

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  • Smooth flame height regulation
  • Thermocouple
  • Easy to install
  • Custom Length available on request
W 1027mm x H 260mm x D 230mm
Gas Pressure
37 mbar
Fuel Type
Net Weight
13 Kg
Gas Consumption
min. 0,5 - max. 0,93 kg/h
Max Thermal Output
11,8 KW
Power Supply
For Outdoor Use