L-Fire is a modern bioethanol insert with BEV® Technology to replace your traditional wood-burning stove. With this log burner fireplace, we provide you with the easiest solution possible. You simply need to install it in an existing wall opening. Any additional connections are not required so you can enjoy natural flames in seconds. L-Fire a perfect product for places, where wood stoves are banned.

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● BEV* Technology - no contact between fuel and flame 

● Automatic refill system 

● LED Control panel 

● Advanced safety sensors 

● 2 levels of flame height 

● Possibility of remote service in case of errors

● Ceramic logs, decorative granulate and small front glass included 

● No hard connection required 

● Optional remote control

W 554mm x H 211mm x D 316mm.
Minimum Room Size
44 m3
Burner Type
Power Supply
Tank Capacity
6 L
Thermal Output
4,4 kW
Max. Burning Time
13 Hrs
Net Weight
16.5 Kg